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Chanyu Kuo

Acrylics on Canvas


On view June 23-July 23, 2023 .



In the mesmerizing artwork "MoonWave," Chanyu skillfully captures the enigmatic
power of ocean waves during the nighttime, drawing a parallel to the depths of a black
hole. At first glance, the scene appears simply black, but upon closer observation, a
myriad of wave echoes, splashes, and hidden elements reveal themselves, mirroring
the complex nature of our thoughts and emotions that often remain concealed within us.
Chanyu's masterful use of the black and white contrast technique, inspired by traditional
ink and wash, adds a profound dimension to the artwork. The interplay between these
opposing tones represents the conflicts and chaos that can manifest within us during
our darkest moments. The blackness symbolizes the depths of our struggles, while the
white embodies the glimmer of hope that persists even in the most challenging times.
"MoonWave" invites viewers to reflect upon the dichotomy of keeping our innermost
thoughts and feelings private, much like the ocean's hidden depths. It is a poignant
reminder of the complexities that lie beneath the surface, often unnoticed by the outside
world. The waves depicted in the artwork embody the turbulence of our internal
struggles, resonating with the viewer's own journey through the nightest day.


Through the delicate brushwork and intricate details, Chanyu unveils a captivating and
immersive experience. The artwork evokes a sense of mystery and invites
contemplation, encouraging viewers to explore the depths of their own emotions and
confront the conflicts that reside within.


In "MoonWave," Chanyu expertly combines the traditional ink and wash technique with
a contemporary artistic approach, resulting in a thought-provoking composition that
beautifully captures the profound interplay between darkness and light, chaos and hope.

Moon Wave, 2022 (Original)

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 24"x36"x1" 

    8 oz.

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