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Artist:  Chanyu Kuo

Acrylics on Canvas


On view June 23-July 23, 2023 .



"Break Free" is a thought-provoking artwork by Chanyu that explores the complexities of
personal and cultural identity, as well as the societal expectations that shape our lives.  Through a multi-layered composition, the artwork invites viewers to reflect on thejourney of self-discovery and the desire to break free from societal constraints.At the very bottom of the artwork, a wide, free splash of dark ink represents theyearning to break free and truly express oneself without inhibitions. It symbolizesChanyu's connection to their Asian roots, signifying a desire to embrace their heritageand authenticity.Layered above the splash of ink, colorful abstract techniques are utilized, creating avisual conflict and contrast that represents the cultural shock experienced while residingin different parts of the world. This layer reflects the societal pressure to conform toexternal expectations and present a curated, beautiful facade to others. It signifies thetension between the individual's true self and the version they feel compelled to presentto the world.Within this vibrant layer, there are scratches that symbolize the wounds and scarsaccumulated along the journey of self-discovery. These scratches represent thechallenges faced, as well as the healing and growth that occur during the process ofbreaking free from societal constraints.At the very top of the composition, a gold rectangle emerges, symbolizing theregulations and responsibilities that society imposes upon individuals. It serves as areminder of the pressures to conform and meet societal expectations, often at theexpense of personal freedom."Break Free" sparks a conversation about finding harmony between breaking free fromsocietal constraints and navigating the responsibilities and expectations of the world weinhabit. Chanyu's artwork encourages viewers to reflect on their own journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of personal authenticity.Through the layered composition and contrasting elements, "Break Free" promptsviewers to question the societal norms and expectations that restrict individualexpression. It invites contemplation on how to navigate the delicate balance betweenself-fulfillment and societal integration, ultimately seeking a harmonious resolution.

Break Free, 2022 (Original)

SKU: 364115376135191
  • 24" x 48" 

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