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Martha "Mara" Fletcher is an American Artist living in Arvada, Colorado.  She is originally from Ocala, Florida, and lived in New York City for thirteen years where she was an actress, producer, published author, and singer/songwriter.


After receiving her BA in psychological from Hunter College, Mara moved to Colorado to pursue a career as an addiction recovery and life coach.  Her days of creativity seemed to have come to a standstill, until she discovered her love of art in 2022, while visiting local galleries.  She fell in love with curating pop-up art events in the Santa Fe Art District and opened The Art Social gallery on May 15, 2023.   Although The Art Social gallery is now closed, it lives on as the Fletcher Fine Art Studio. 


Painting is a natural extension of her creative being that has expressed itself in many forms over the years.  Mara's philosophy in life is less is more.  This philosophy can be seen through the simplicity of her paintings from single subject landscapes to cathartic mixed media abstraction, all bearing simple names.  Mara's one and only message communicated through her artwork is one of peace.  


Artist Inspiration:  Mark Rothko, Andrew Wyeth, and René Magritte

My name is Alexa Young

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